Joining Embello to Bridge the Digital Gap in the Home Industry

May 06, 2020

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Joining Embello to Bridge the Digital Gap in the Home Industry

How do home and lifestyle brands fit with a startup mentality? The chemistry began when Embello hired YPA Marketing Center to develop its Influencer Marketing Platform to serve the home industry. After a few months of consistent development meetings, our “aha moment” happened, allowing me to join Embello as its Co-Founder.

One of the golden rules of software development is to keep coding while staying on target. In Embello's case, the more we worked on building the platform, the more we understood its potential for the home industry. Not only did we keep our goals intact and our milestones ahead of schedule, but we also slowly started to take part in product development, participate in recommendations to the user-experience design, and go-to-market strategies.

Influencer Marketing isn't necessarily a brand new discipline in marketing; however, the potential it has to bridge the digital gap on behalf of home and lifestyle brands kept our conversation going. My “aha moment” to join the Embello team as a co-founder came when we were studying brands' conversion rates being affected by their lack of web optimization, SEO, and social authority. Internally, we often talk about the three pillars to successful conversion: having a well-optimized website (mobile-first), a well-structured SEO website, and impeccable authority in social media.

Brands today are feeling skeptical about seeing a tangible return on investment when investing in influencer marketing campaigns. In large part, this is due to having forgotten the importance of keeping up with their digital footprint and not optimizing for conversion. The only way to see whether the investment works is to measure campaign results with an ecosystem of metrics. This is where we see tremendous opportunities for Embello in the short term.

Influencers, on the other hand, are beginning to navigate uncharted waters, with constant changes to algorithms that lower their engagement rates or having to reinvent themselves to prevent followers from outgrowing their content.

Since joining Embello, we have had numerous opportunities to listen to influencers and brands alike, understanding what worries they have during their sale process and how we can continue to be their support going forward.

Today we are a team fortified with expertise from all angles of digital and influencer marketing for home and lifestyle, and I couldn't feel more passionate about collaborating to make a real dent in our beloved home industry.

Truly yours,

Jimmy Moscoso
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Embello



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